Thursday, January 17, 2013


People disagree about what sufficient self-protection is.

They make their own choice.

That maximizes wealth, like every other disagreement settled voluntarily.

Your neighbor with an assault rifle is an asset to you, in addition. You might choose to let him protect you, and free-ride on his preferences.

Why not stinger missles? Because that makes no sense as self-protection. An assault rifle does.

The US is built on people themselves being worth trusting, with minimal disincentives applied. For instance that privately agreed to contracts will be enforced as agreed, in short rule of law, without the President reversing private agreements. Otherwise no agreement is possible, and gains from trade aren't possible.

It works out in economics, and it works out here too.

An entertainment choice on TV, namely grief porn, is an entertainment choice, and should not be promoted to a public policy choice. The personal risk statistics of mass killers are zero for a nation of 300 million, and have always been zero.

The message to send is that the government is ruled by the Constitution regardless of hysterics and hand-wringers and busybodies.

What is a very bad message to send is that the government is no longer ruled by the constitution.

That's the end of civil society.