Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saving for Retirement

Future retirees will be supported with the goods and services of future workers.

If there are too many retirees for the number of workers in the future, it won't work for you no matter how you save for it, unless you save more than anybody else.

Everybody can't save more then anybody else, so it won't work nationally.

A focus on money obscures this essential truth. If it can't work, it won't work, no matter how you try to pay for it.

The only solution is raising the retirement age, so as to increase the number of future workers and reduce the number of future retirees, until the demographics balance again.

If you want to retire earlier, do it on your own dime to bridge the gap.

What makes this impossible? One thing is a health insurance requirement. Nobody will employ an old person if he must also take on their health care.

Will it occur to lawmakers that an exemption solves a problem?

Then will it occur to them that a more universal exemption solves even more problems?